At Dogs First, we can provide any specialised grooming your dog might need. Whether it’s a quick nail trim or a complete coat clip, you can trust us to do it right. We have the tools to clip or strip any type of dog with any kind of coat. We also have special treatment for dogs with sensitive skin.
Have work on weekdays? Bring your dog in for clipping the morning and pick them up after work. They’ll get a day of daycare for free!


Our rates and services below are based on your dogs size and coat length. What category does your dog fit into?

Small dog, short hairMedium dog, short hairLarge dog, short hairSmall dog, long hairMedium dog, long hairLarge dog, long hair
Pug, Boston or French Bulldog, Jack Russel, Staffy, short hair ChihuahuaMaltese, Shih Tzu, Terrier, Cavalier, Spitz, Mini SchnauzerBritish or Aussie Bulldog, Beagle, Kelpie, Labrador, Basset, HeelerCollie, Retriever, Airedale, Australian Sheppard, Spaniel, PoodleGSP, Dane, Rotti, Mastiff, Bull Arab, Boxer, Doberman, GreyhoundHusky, Malamute, Samoyed, Newfoundland, Bouvier, Wolfhound
Small, short-haired dogSmall, long-haired dogMedium, short-haired dogMedium, long-haired dogBig, short-haired dogBig, long-haired dog


Washing dogs too often may strip the natural oils from their coat. But some times, after some muddy playtime and rolling around, you may want to get the stink out of your doggy. Leave it to us to get your dog smelling and feeling fantastic! Includes:

  • Full body check
  • Lavish hydrobath with medicated shampoo
  • Full body massage
  • Ear flap clean
  • Towel dry
  • Blow dry (long-haired)
  • Full body brush out (long-haired)

Clipping or stripping

To tidy up your dog’s coat, we may clip or strip them. We clip coats using electric clippers or handheld scissors, depending on your needs. To strip, we use groomer’s tools to get rid of any loose fur. Some breeds must be stripped instead of clipped, because clipping be harmful to the coats of breeds like Huskies, Malamutes or even Golden Retrievers. Includes:

  • Everything included in hydrobaths
  • Full body, face and paw scissor or electronic clip (clipping)
  • Full back, belly and hind┬ástrip (stripping)
  • Paw scissor trim, nail trim, eye trim (stripping)

Spiffy in a jiffy special

If you are just wanting a tidy up for your dog with a hydrobath, this special is available all year round. We’ll give your dog an eye and beard trim, a paw and nail trim and a hygiene trim. Your pooch will be looking spiffy in a jiffy! Includes:

  • Everything included in hydrobaths
  • Eye and beard trim
  • Paw and nail trim
  • Bottom hygiene trim


Ideally, your dogs nails should be trimmed fortnightly, or at the very least monthly. This is because the internal blood flow in your dog’s nail will grow longer as the nail grows longer. That means that, by the time the nail is too long, it can’t be cut short anymore without cutting into the nail’s blood flow. By keeping the nail short, you ensure you’ll be able to keep the nails at an appropriate length without causing any bleeding in the long run. Nail trims can be booked in advance as part of your doggy daycare booking, or pop in any time between 10AM and 4PM to get a staff member to quickly do them.

Dog grooming rates

HydrobathClippingStrippingSpiffy in a jiffyNails
Small dog, short hair$25$10* / $20**
Medium dog, short hair$30$10* / $20**
Large dog, short hair$40$10* / $20**
Small dog, long hair$35$70 – $85$60$55$10* / $20**
Medium dog, long hair$40$85 – $100$75$55$10* / $20**
Large dog, long hair$50$95 – $120$85 $55$10* / $20**
* Regular nail trim.
** Nail trim requiring two carers.